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Using and Saving the Pedestrian Map

The pedestrian map used to be the only way for a person to find their way around an unfamiliar city. With the introduction of global positioning satalights, the map had lost some of its importance. The introduction of cell phone applications that provide detailed directions and important facts about the locations, the pedestrian map has been relegated to the amusement parks, zoos and museums. What was once a proud memento of a city visited has gone along the wayside. Even Hollywood has lost much of its use for pedestrian and star maps. Most people visiting the city know where their favorite stars live and have lived due to the various applications on cell phones that direct them in the appropriate direction.

A pedestrian map is an easy map to use. It often only shows a small area and the landmarks of that area is exaggerated to ensure that they are not missed. The map may show a small compass but this is not often functional. To use the map, the person aligns his body with that of a noted landmark. From that landmark the individual is able to find other landmarks and deduce the direction that is needed to find the desired site or store. The walkers map is very similar to that of a driver's or road map except that the area is much smaller.

The most common places to find pedestrian maps include zoos, museums, fairs or carnivals and state parks. These locations are ones in which the global position systems are not able to determine a digital map of due to the very small size of the area. These maps are not completely functional due to the extreme small size of the area that is covered. These maps are more functional as souvenirs as the individual is not likely to get lost in these parks. These maps often show information regarding shows or entertainment that is available throughout the day, helping the individual to see all shows that the person may be interested in.
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